B Discovered is an addon package to other advertising packages, however, you can purchase this package individually to help hype a certain advertising campaign, or a special promotion you’re running, or perhaps a new website you’re launching that’s relevant to our audience. Bloginity’s following growth speaks for itself. We have an average of 5000 new followers every day and have surpassed the 1,000,000 followers in total.

Here are couple of things we can do: you provide a great visual, or hire us to create the engaging visual for you. Provide us with a good excerpt, and a link and we will distribute that image on our Facebook page, and promote it on our behalf. The maximum reach could be a significant number of 326.3K. We can also target that campaign by geography.


Another social integration campaign we could do is utilize Twitter’s advertising platform, and promote a tweet on your behalf. We will help you curate the tweet, include a hashtag and @username, with a tinyurl and specify the budget based on your campaign.

Promoted Tweets


With this package, we could also create a landing page on Bloginity’s site and promote contests and such. Another thing that’s been very popular with this package is to create a specific category on Bloginity and integrate an average of 12 articles and promote that page, which is full of content and great information about your brand or the product you want to promote.

We are truly obsessed with analytics. That’s why we know the exact time to tweet, or share a post on our Google+. We also create plenty of case studies so we know what works best. Here’s a fun fact: 23% higher engagement on Facebook shares with 80 characters or less.

Please note that we work with each advertiser individually to create a custom RFP.

Quick notes:

  • A simple sponsored tweet: $250 (*does not include Twitter Ads.)
  • A promoted*  tweet: minimum spending budget: $1,500/per tweet (*includes Twitter Advertising.)
  • This Package: (“Self-Discovery”): MSB: $4,500 (*does not include sponsored advertising.)
  • B Discovered (Advertised & Sponsored): MSB: $7,500 (*includes Facebook & Twitter advertising.)


  • Social engagement and interaction
  • Social Media integration
  • Social Media Distribution & Advertising
  • Product Reviews
  • User contests and data capture opportunities
  • Mobile site advertising
  • Channel Takeovers